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About Us

Established in 1975.

Cathy Worcester and her husband, Ted, a Tibetan Scholar and noted authority on carpets of the region, designed and produced rugs in the Tibetan Tradition of hand-knotting. first visited Nepal in 1968 and 1971. They returned to Nepal in 1975 for Ted to do a research paper on the adaptation of the Tibetans as refugees. He became interested in Tibetan carpets as he learned that the carpet cottage industry was crucial to the refugees' new life in Nepal. While living in Nepal for 45 years, Cathy and her husband were a driving force in reviving the Tibetan carpet weaving tradition among the Tibetan refugee community in Kathmandu.

They eventually started Himalaya Textiles in Nepal in 1975 designing and producing small vegetable-dyed rugs as well as usable items such as pillows and bags from indigenous textiles.
As the industry grew the rugs got larger making it necessary to create vegetable hues from chemical dyes. For 25 years the business consisted of selling to private parties and consigning to other businesses. Then in 2005 Himalaya Textiles opened in Bridgman and in 2016 moved across the street expanding into the current Accents offering a variety of other products from Nepal.

The owner here is so kind! I love their selection of rugs and other beautiful items. This is a great place to get a gift! I couldn't give it a higher recommendation.

    - Bridget T. Chicago, IL

Love this kitschy store for gorgeous rugs and beautiful artisan jewelry and clothing. My go to place for gifts and home. Love it!

     - Phyllis H. Clairemont San Diego, CA

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